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Clifton Park, NY Gymnastics Center


Hello all!

We’re very excited to enter our fifth school year! We’re even more excited this year because Cartwheels is currently being remodeled and expanding into more space! With all that’s changing and the implementation of Ninja Zone we’ve probably made registration more complicated than it needs to be but please bear with us as there is a lot of text!

Below you’ll find some good to know information and dates for registering for the upcoming 2016-2017 School Year Session.

Many of our policies are similar to last year with one significant change. Each family will have to register using a credit or debit card. Statements will be sent on the 18th to show the tuition due for the next month. Your credit card will automatically run on the 25th. You may still pay with cash or check but it must be received by the 24th.

The commitment is monthly and we make it very easy to stop. Just shoot us an email, call us, or let us know in person by the 24th. If you know you will stop earlier please let us know. We appreciate it!

The biggest change this year is our drop date. If you decide to take your child out of a class you can get a full refund up through the last day of the month instead of being charged a refund fee. On the 1st and after refunds will not be offered.

If your credit card declines on the 25th, full payment must be received be the last day of month. If payment is not received we will drop the child from the class and the next person on the wait list will be called.

Our monthly rate is based on getting 39 classes over the 10 month session. Depending on the month you will get three, four, or five classes. Over the course of the 10 months it equals out that each day will get 39 classes. This year is a little bit different as we’ll be closed a little longer than normal at the beginning of school year to facilitate construction.

This calendar year Monday and Saturday students will receive 37 classes. To compensate for that we will prorate your September and December classes to 75%. You will see this reflected upon initial registration and on your November 18th statement.

Thursday and Friday students will receive 38 classes. To compensate we will prorate your November tuition to 75% You will see this reflected on your October 18th statement.

To see how our school year calendar evens out please see the spreadsheet at the bottom of our policies page.

We do not offer makeups for holiday classes but do provide one makeup per month for any other absence. Gym Jam students or children ages 6 and up may use Friday night Open Gym as a makeup. Open Gym and makeup classes must be scheduled to make sure classes aren’t overloaded. Open Gym is very popular during the colder months. Walks ins will be turned away if Open Gym is full for the night.

Upon registration the full payment for September and the Annual Registration Fee(if applicable) of $35 will be charged to your credit/debit card. On September 18th a statement will be sent for the payment due on September 25th. That payment will be for October. This same schedule repeats every month for the rest of the school year through June. Please note that our Annual Registration Fee is per family and not per child.

Registration will start Monday, August 1st at 2pm for families that are currently enrolled in the Summer Session classes.

Registration for those that were enrolled in Camp Cartwheels or have an active registration will start registering Wednesday, August 3rd at 2pm. Active registration means your family has paid the Annual Registration Fee at some point during the past school year session (September 2015 – July 2016).

Registration for new customers will start Thursday, August 4th at 2pm.

New families must register online on August 4th. After August 4th you may register in person or online. The last three years we’ve seen classes fill very quickly. We recommend hopping online as early as possible to get a spot. If you don’t get into a class right away please put your name on the wait list. We usually end up moving some kids around the first month and spots do become available. We will also be looking to add more classes as needed throughout the Fall.

For our current or past families we strongly recommend registering online through your account. All class openings update in real time and it is the best way to ensure you get the time and day you would like. If you’re not familiar with it you can click the “Login” button in the upper right hand corner of our website and check it out before registration opens. Please check this ahead of time as our system is slow to reset passwords if you have forgotten it. The registration page will not update for current and returning families. To register online you must be logged in to your account.

For girls interested in our Gym Jam program you must register in a Level 1 class if you are brand new to our facility. If you have taken gymnastics at another gymnastics facility please contact us to set up a quick evaluation for your child so we can determine the level best suited for them. During the school year we will perform assessments in our classes to make sure they are still being challenged and moved to the appropriate level if necessary.

Ninja Zone is our newest program we’re offering this year for boys ages 6 to 11. For this program they are required to wear t-shirts and headbands to class each day. The cost is $28 and must be ordered through a website we’ll email you after registration. It’s also available here.Look for girls classes to start this coming winter or spring!

Ninja Zone starts on October 4th. All other classes start September 12th. We’ll see you then!