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Clifton Park, NY Gymnastics Center


The 2017 Summer Schedule is up! Classes will run the eight weeks of July 10th through August 31st.

When you sign up for the Summer Session it is all eight weeks. That being said, the gym is a little slower in the Summer so that does give us more flexibility with makeups. If you’re going to be out of town for a couple of weeks we can, more than likely, find you some classes to makeup that work with your schedule.

Cartwheels looks at gymnastics as a year round sport, but understand people want to do other activities in the Summer or just take a break. So the way we register for summer and school year sessions reflects that philosophy. All current families get the option to register for summer before new families. The same goes for the fall. If you sign up for the summer session you get the first opportunity to register for the school year. After that we register families that were in our program or participated in Camp Cartwheels within the last year. Lastly, it’s new families and those who haven’t been at the gym within the last year. It’s not a perfect system but it has worked well these last few years.

Current family registration will start on Monday, May 15th at 2pm. New and returning family registration will start on Monday, May 22nd at 2pm. We recommend registering through our website via the portal. Current families can click the “Login” button on the upper right hand corner of the website. Current families are also welcome to call, but the phone can be pretty busy the first couple hours of registration. Please note: The registration page on our website will not open up on May 15th. You must be logged into the portal to register.

Full tuition is due at the time of registration, as well as the Annual Registration Fee(if due). New families must use our website to register on May 22nd. We are not able to register new families over the phone.

Ninja Zone is the current exception. We’re a little behind on moving ninjas to the next level. Families currently in Ninja Zone will receive their recommendation during the week of the May 15th. Current Ninja Zone families will register at 2pm on Monday, May 22nd. New or returning families will register on Monday, May 30th starting at 2pm. Girls classes are coming this fall. Check out our girls Ninja Zone camps if you’re interested in starting before then.

The registration page will be updated over the weekend with summer class offerings. Thanks and we’ll see you this summer!

Summer Pricing

45 min class – $141

55 min/1 hour class – $165

1.5 hours/week – $229

2 hours/week – $285

2.5 hours/week – $329

3 hours/week – $365

4 hours/week – $437