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Clifton Park, NY Gymnastics Center

Clifton Park Gymnastics Programs

Tiny Tumblers (parent and child): 2 to 3 1/2 years

Student/Instructor Ratio (10:1) 

This class is designed for our tiniest tumblers. Motor skills (both fine and gross) are developed through basic gymnastics and movement on a number of gymnastic events. Parent participation is required at this age which offers a unique bonding experience. While developing motor skills and coordination is a valued aspect of this class, the most important thing is FUN! We incorporate music, games, and dancing into our lesson plans! Most of the class time is structured but there will be many opportunities for ‘free play’ which will allow the parent to roam freely about the gym (or selected area) with their child. Aside from the FUN and physical benefits gained in this class, it is also an excellent opportunity for socialization not only between the children but for the parents as well.

Little Flippers (preschool program) 3 1/2 through 5 years

Student/Instructor Ratio (6:1) 

This is the first class where children can experience gymnastics away from parental supervision. At this age, our curriculum will continue to develop motor skills through gymnastics. We also place an emphasis on building self confidence and learning how to appropriately act in a group setting of peers. Yearly lesson plans that involve unique activities will change every two weeks. This will keep children inspired and eager to learn and grow! All the gymnastic events are experienced as well as the trampoline and Tumbl Trak. A lot of our equipment is designed precisely for children in this age group. FUN is still the name of the game in our preschool program!

Must be fully potty trained to be in any Little Flipper class

Little Jammers (introductory recreational class) 4 ½ through 6.5

Student/Instructor Ratio (7:1)

This class is designed for children who are looking for more of a challenge, but would still benefit from the playfulness of our preschool program . In this class the children will still take part in the Little Flippers lesson plans and themes , but will also be introduced to some of the Gym Jam curriculum and equipment. It’s a great class for skill building, while still having lots of FUN!

The children in this class will also be evaluated before they move on to Gym Jam, to see which level would be the best fit.

*Gymnasts must be evaluated before signing up for this class.

Gym Jam (school age recreational program)

Student/Instructor Ratio (8:1) 

Girls 6 and up

At Cartwheels, we put a great emphasis on skill building and progression. Our recreational girls program is broken down into three different levels. This ensures that every gymnast is in a class appropriate to her skill level which aides in faster learning. We strive to teach children gymnastics in a progressive and FUN manner. We want them to LOVE what they do here and feel good about it!

 Gym Jam Level 1 – This is our 60 minute introductory recreational class. Level 1 gymnasts are introduced to the basics of gymnastics at this level. They learn body shapes and stretches that will help their skill building. Skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels and bridges are core elements that are taught and refined at this level. Level 1 gymnasts will gain experience on all four Olympic events as well as our tumble track, trampoline and foam pit.

 Gym Jam Level 2 – Once girls refine the required skills at Level 1, they move onto our level 2 class. A 60 minute class that starts to build more advanced skills based on the skills taught at level 1. Gymnasts at this level can expect to learn elements such as bridge kick overs, back bends, round offs, handstands on beam, pull over and back hip circles on bars. Drills for more advanced skills such as back and front hand springs are also introduced at this level.

 Gym Jam level 3 – Level 3 Gym Jam gymnasts move to a 90 minute class in which they really start to develop a more advanced skill base. Along with advanced skills taught on all four Olympic events, an emphasis on strength building, conditioning and flexibility are also an important element of this level that is worked hard on. Gymnasts can expect to learn round off back handsprings, front hip and mill circles, cartwheels on beam and much more. Level 3 gymnasts are also the first level in which participation in our ‘Exhibition Competition’ is allowed.

 Gym Jam level 4 – Our highest recreational level at Cartwheels. These gymnasts have shown hard work and dedication to this sport. They train two hours a week and skills are built off of what is learned in level 3. Gymnasts can be expected to learn back tucks, front tucks, layouts, kips, flyaway, back walkovers on beam and much more!

Ninja Zone

Student/Instructor Ratio (7:1)

Boys and girls ages 6-11

We are excited to announce the inclusion of Ninja Zone into our gymnastics center. Ninja Zone is a class that fuses obstacle course training, gymnastics, martial arts and freestyle movement. Ninja Zone hopes to turn energy into ambition… one awesome kid at a time!

Tumbling program 7 and up

Student/Instructor Ratio (8:1) 

These classes are for gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders wanting to develop their tumbling skills. Basic skills and progressions are emphasized which will ultimately lead to faster mastery of more difficult tumbling skills. We also offer an invite only Advanced tumbling program. Tumblers who have mastered a back handspring are invited into this class in which more difficult tumbling elements now become the focus.

Team (invite only)

Our competitive team is for gymnasts who show the desire, dedication and talent to focus on gymnastics as a serious competitive sport. Our team is a developing program that has already seen much success. Check out our Team Page for more information!